Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Hip-Hop from Papua New Guenea

Another awesome video that i found from Youtube. A song created by some Pace, the lyrics is about freedom for their region (to be a new country or separated with Indonesia) event it's refused by Indonesia. And i think this kind of thing is something that quiet rare to find. One of many marblug things in this world that i've ever found so please enjoy the video (please don't just judge it by it's title) or you can enjoy the mp3 format HERE

A Mixtape titled "RAPUH" by Wednes Mandra

“Mikstape ini tidak menceritakan apapun, mikstape ini tidak menjelaskan apapun tentang kerapuhan atau apapun. Mikstape ini juga tidak mendikte siapapun. Semua materi yang saya susun di mikstape ini hanya berdasarkan atmosfir dari masing masing lagu yang bagi saya mampu membentuk susunan cerita. Tidak, saya tidak membaca lirik, saya membaca atmosfir nada dari masing masing lagu :)
 -Wednes Mandra

Download here via AB_JOURNAL

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Polyester Embassy - Fake/Faker

Brand new album from Experimental-Rock band from Bandung, "Polyester Embassy". Check it out!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Ubaid - 3 Songs (singles)

Ubaid is my bestfriend. He is Stupid, Fat, and Black. He really loves Taking Back Sunday and Underoath. He play the acoustic guitar and sing in english.
Check it out!



Punkasila biography from :

"Formed by Melbourne-based artist Danius Kesminas in 2006, PUNKASILA is a fluid and collaborative project which includes graduates and current students from the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta. PUNKASILA play custom-made, hand-crafted mahogany guitars simulating hybrid M-16s/AK-47s and wear camouflage-patterned hand-painted batik, tailored as military fatigues. PUNKASILA’s debut album, “Acronym Wars” was released in Indonesia in 2006. PUNKASILA give voice to the cacophony of acronyms representing the disparate political, military, religious, cultural and bureaucratic organisations that constitute the Indonesian body politic. Since Soekarno’s reign, acronyms have represented a real site of ideological struggle. Between 1950 and 1965 this phenomenon was defined as the period of “acronym wars”. PUNKASILA have set these acronyms to a frenetic, progressive-punk-rock idiom. Each song repetitively iterates a specific acronym, invoking its popular inversion using plesetan – a peculiar Indonesian word play or subversive double-speak. The name, PUNKASILA, which literally means “punk principles”, derives from Pancasila, the five ideological tenets devised by Soekarno as propaganda to create a unitary basis of Indonesian nationhood. Although PUNKASILA’s repertoire and appearance as a cultural outlaw militia suggests provocative intent the project is more a celebration of new-dawn, post-reformasi openness than critique, ambiguously straddling the fault between taboo, parody and humour. By demonstration, on the basis of the song list the CD was prohibited to replicate in Indonesia and the band have been previously censured at gigs. PUNKASILA have performed throughout Java and their numerous fans are from a wide-ranging demographic that includes the Sultan of Yogyakarta, Hamengkubuwono X, who has purchased a copy of Acronym Wars (which is possibly on high rotation in the princesses quarters). PUNKASILA’s abbreviated Repertoire (with accompanying plesetan inversion): TNI: Tentara Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Military), Tikyan Ning Idab-Idabi (Poor but Adorable) PNU: Partai Nahdlatul Ummat (Islamic Community Awakening Party), Partai Nunut Udud (Party for Taking Cigarettes from your Friends) TURBA: a conflation of Turun ke Bawah and Turuk Babi (Down to Earth, Pig’s Vagina). Turun ke Bawah was a leftist ideology of the 1950’s and 60’s for the political and cultural mobilisation of the populous. It was later used by the Soeharto regime to spread New Order ideology to the villages. KOPASSSUS: Komando Pasukan Khusus (Special Force Command), Komando Pasukan Suka Susu (Milk Lovers’ Force Command/Tit Lovers’ Force Command) PKI: Partai Komunis Indonesia (Indonesian Communist Party), Penggemar Komik Indonesia (Indonesian Comic Fans), Penggemar Kaos Indonesia (Indonesian T-Shirt Fans), Partai Kaos Indonesia (Chaos Party of Indonesia), Penjahat Kelamin Indonesia (Indonesian Sex Offender) RPKAD: Resimen Para Komando Angkatan Darat (Army Para-Commando Regiment Command), Rampung Kenthu Anake Duwekmu (We have Sex but the Child will be Yours) PUNKASILA Cell Operatives: Adhik Kristiantoro: hand-crafted mahogany gun guitars & garuda emblem carving relief “Le’War” Warsito: metal tripod guitar stands Pak Manto: hand-made, batik lined, embossed guitar cases Drs. Muhajirin & Oct. Yoyok Suroso: hand-painted 5m x 3m PUNKASILA banner Abdul Sy.: camouflage patterned, hand-painted batik & 5m x 3m batik banner Nia-Nia: batik tailored military fatigues Terra Bajraghosa: PUNKASILA video animations “Iwank” Erwan Hersi Susanto: PUNKASILA comics Pius Sigit Kuncoro: PUNKASILA wayang puppets “Jiyot” Heri Sukowati: electronic noise machines Antariksa: acronym consultant Iwan Effendi: PUNKASILA dictionary of 28,000 Indonesian acronyms Wok the Rock: posters Gentong: logistics and arak supplies Production and sound engineering: Dave Nelson PUNKASILA WOULD LIKE THANKS TO : all the people who help us ,TONY KASMINAS n family, gintas and allice, lithuanian house, melbourne city, DARRENKNIGHT GALLERY, nickolas champber,out loud studio, jackpot resto, queen street, GALLERY OF MODERN ART BRISBANE, DING DONG LOUNGE, THE HISTRIONICS, MELBOURNE BITTER, XXXX,and legendary PROFOST STREET 52 YEAH!!!!!"

Download here

DR. JARS - WEDNES'S DAY (single)

A simple variative electronica project, one of PatiRasaRecords releases.

Download via PatiRasa

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VA - TO DIE | DXC | ASANGATA (split)

Another sick release from Pati Rasa Records! Here's the review :


Berikut 3 way split dari 3 pelaku sound sound jahat telah spesial dirilis oleh Pati Rasa Records. Akan terdapat 3 buah keping EM PE TIGA yang akan dengan khidmat kalian dengarkan. Berawal dari keisengan komen komenan di feshbuk dan malahan menjadi sebuah realisasi sempurna. Secara keseluruhan materi yang terkandung dari 3 way split ini adalah materi renungan, bukan materi pamer unjuk gigi. Maka disarankan sebelumnya agar jangan berharap pada waoh waoh dan wuss. Karena sesungguhnya noise itu adalah proses, kata To Die. Dan noise itu adalah sesuatu banget, kata Syahrini. Kalo kata DJ MO)))DARA, noise itu takdir. Semua berkata kata, KALO MENURUT KAMI, NOISE ITU S(*#%^(O#HKLWEJTHweh(apik)rsdfsepi238952938!

tracklist: RAHASIA!

Strenght to Strenght

Strength to Strenght an old-school HC band from Yogyakarta. Early act of OSHC too in my town, strenght as their name! check them out!



"Another project by GAGALTAMPAN
this time he try to break some beat, chop - slice - cut - paste.
any music want to destroy? just gave him, its INSTANT MADNESS!! YES! Spontanity Made him Immaturity!"

Check it out!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Atmospheric Iqbal - PolarAurora

A project from my friend, he is from Pontianak. Atmospheric, deep, relaxing, and if you lucky you can now what is the meaning of 'ILHAM' when he creates this sound :D check it out!



The Porno - Subliminal

A really dark joyfull post-punk act from Jakarta. If you really like bands like Joy Division or Bauhaus, this band recomended for you!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Suri - Gestures (Promo Kit)

Another new tunes from Cult Stoner Rock from Jakarta! SURI! There are no more comments, undoubtable great stunning tunes! check them out!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vague - Demo

A rock/experimental act from Jakarta city! A must to check this one out!


Realino Resort

A thrash-punk act from YK that fuses their tunes with some Rock N Roll Riffs, check it out!



Totally Porno act that combined the smell of Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower check this one out!

Via PatiRasaRecords


A band from Yogyakarta that have a total dedication work for the almighty Morbid Angel!

via PatiRasaRecords


A raw and powerfull Grind act from Sintang!

via PatiRasaRecords

Satan Loves Nintendo - Satan Loves Nintendo EP

A project that fused The Mystic of Satan and the Oldschoolness of Nintendo! They proved that Satan loves Nintendo!

via PatiRasaRecords

VA - Sangsaka Worship Split with To Die

A Split album by To Die and Sangsaka Worship (Psychedelic Noise band) by Pati Rasa. Kind of the earlier release by PatiRasaRecords!

via PatiRasaRecords

Nebula VII - Gods of Mars

A drone ambient project that really have mysterious background. Event PatiRasaRecord who uploaded this releases, don't know where they from! check it out!

via PatiRasaRecords

Mbak Mona - Single Religi

You gonna feel it, when you hear it! It's just too abstract and absurd for me! VIVALASAKAREPMU!

via PatiRasaRecords

LastKissToDieOfVisceroth - The Early Years

A screamo/post-rock act from Yogyakarta. The name of the band are combined by the name of three different band, they are Last Kiss Goodnight, To Die, and Visceroth. Check it out dude!

via PatiRasaRecords

Busuk Yang Bernanah

Atmospheric and Noisy act from Makasar city, make sure you check this one out dude!

Via PatiRasaRecords

VA - MDX split with Bangkai Angsa

A split release by a Dark Ambient project Modarx and Harsh Noise project Bangkai Angsa, somekind of the earlier physical release from this two project, check it out!

Via PatiRasaRecords

Bangkai Angsa - Saat Ku Bersamamu

A new release by Bangkai Angsa, the sounds of Harsh Noise attack from Yogyakarta is back! check it out!

via PatiRasaRecords
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